Article published at: Feb 24, 2019 Article author: Veronique Marin Article tag: Style de vie
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Are you a neatfreak? Do you like it when everything has its place, even more when space is limited? If so, you will no doubt like the items listed in this article and which will help you organize your RV.

Be aware that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and that if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours and whether or not you decide to buy something, I hope this list will inspire you. Happy shopping!

Shower caddy

Do your children always forget something before heading to the campsite showers? Good news, they are normal. I have addressed part of this problem by each giving them a caddy similar to the one shown below. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are close at hand with this ingenious system

Camping shower caddy

Set of 4 BPA Free Silicone Shower Bottles - $ 15.99

Room organizer

Because you don't necessarily have a bedside table in an RV, this organizer allows you to store your remote control, flashlights, medicines, phone, magazines, glasses and all your essentials.

Room organizer

Room organizer – 9,99$

Support for wine glasses

I would not dare to place breakable wine glasses there but I own pretty plastic cups and this type of contraption holds them perfectly even during transportation.

Wine glasses holder – 5,70$

Towel rack

The RV bathroom is surely the room that requires the most creativity from an organizational point of view. Thanks to this pretty wine rack converted into a towel rack, no compromise for the eye is needed.

Support serviettes

Raised dog bowls with airtight container

Your best friend's food for the weekend or for the vacation is always at hand and fresh with this container both serving bowls and storage.

Nourriture chien rangement

Disposable plate dispenser

Very practical in the outdoor kitchen, this dispenser avoids having to find your stack of disposable plates spread all over the cabinet after moving around.

Safe knife storage

Essential for nomadic campers, this module keeps your knives securely in place during transport.

Rangement couteau pour VR

Vertical storage for plates

In addition to saving space, this storage keeps the plates in place when traveling.

rangement vertical pour assiettes

Storage for beer and soda

Because it's important to make sure that the beer cans get to their destination without worries, this little gadget protects them and saves you space.

Rangement pour bière et soda

Fridge brackets

When the fridge is full and everything cannot be safely placed in the door, these small brackets will hold the large containers of liquid in place.

atelles pour frigo VR

Retractable clothesline

Thanks to our unpredictable climate, it is not always possible to hang out outside. This retractable clothes rack allows you to extend indoors when the temperature does not allow it.

Car trunk net

Ideal for quickly storing shoes, this affordable net is installed with suction cups allowing you to easily relocate it.

Filet pour la voiture