Article published at: Aug 18, 2019 Article author: Veronique Marin Article tag: Campings
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We spent last week-end at Camping Choisy in Montérégie, more precisely in Rigaud and we had a lot of fun. In this article, I could talk to you about the cleanliness of the sanitary blocks or the impeccable faciliites as well as the care given to the sublime landscaping but I would probably miss the point. Camping Choisy has a soul, a little something that sets it apart from many other campsites I have visited.

Well informed, thanks to the newsletter received the previous week, we arrived in Rigaud ready to celebrate the camper's Halloween, something I had never done before in my career as a nomadic camper. To all those who have prejudices about the concept, think again because it was pure pleasure for our little ones. The participation rate was surprising to say the least and the campers were in a festive mood.

Halloween Camping Choisy

Halloween Camping Choisy

It was while walking through the streets of the campsite for the candy drive that I understood what was behind this little something that I couldn't grasp. Seasonal campers, volunteers, employees and owners are the ones who make the difference. Together, they have created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in their community. As a nomadic camper I sometimes feel confronted with united groups that leave the impression that they are a bit hermetic. Believe me, this is not the case at Camping Choisy. People are inclusive and so friendly.

Employé Camping Choisy

The Poirier family acquired Camping Choisy in 2012 and can boast of having risen to the top, among the 17 5-star campsites in the province. Thanks to its varied facilities such as swimming pools and spas, mini-golf, petanque, hebertism trail, tennis court, arcade, trampoline and much more. There is enough to keep all the family members busy.

Those who seek a little peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of children on holiday will find refuge near the charming swimming pool exclusively reserved for adults. At Camping Choisy, the needs of all campers are taken into account and the schedule of activities reflects the diversity of the clientele by offering activities for each age group.

A green shift that makes a real difference

Beyond the abundant and distinctive recreational facilities, Camping Choisy has made a vow to protect the environment and has gone green. I personally find that the industry in general is slow to convert and adopt sustainable development practices. Faced with its competitors, Camping Choisy is at the forefront and the actions taken are concrete such as a solar-powered sanitary block, rainwater harvesting, an electric vehicle terminal and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant.

The best of both worlds

If you visit Camping Choisy, you will probably be in the travellers' section and you will be able, as we have done, to enjoy the best of both worlds. Wooded and intimate grounds worthy of a provincial park combined with the many activities that can be expected from a 5-star campground.

Terrain Camping Choisy

Terrain camping choisy

I sincerely believe that business success is confirmed when the passion of leaders permeates the organization and its customers. That's how I felt during my stay. A desire to create a warm atmosphere in the community. The team of volunteers, employees and family behind this establishment have taken up this challenge and we will be back in Rigaud to repeat the experience of Camping Choisy.

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