Article published at: Feb 10, 2019 Article author: Veronique Marin Article tag: Activités familiales
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I discovered ice fishing a few years ago, thanks to Gabriel, my partner. It was not without effort that he convinced me to make it a family activity. Like many, I had a few preconceived ideas and a ton of apprehensions. 3 years later, we have our own little cabin at the Roger Gladu outfitter in Lanaudière. Our family and friends are now taking part in this activity and it has become, for most of them, a family tradition.

Here are 5 myths, in my opinion the most widespread, concerning ice fishing. Here's my attempt at demystifying them and encourage you to give this winter activity a chance, all in all very accessible, even for the inexperienced fisherman.

Peche blanche

It's cold

By definition ice fishing is practiced on a well frozen lake. The cold must be there. That said, you don't have to spend a day outside. Heated cabins and tents are available to warm you up, eat and dry yourself if needed. Spare stockings and mittens is still a must. If you have a pair of insulated waterproof boots, you are in “business” as they say.

Cabane de pêche

It's dangerous

This myth is certainly the most widespread. Perhaps you are one of those people who fear walking or driving your vehicle on the ice. Please note that if you go to an outfitter, the establishment’s managers check the thickness of the ice daily in several places. The ice roads are watered early in the season to thicken the ice sufficiently allowing access to cars. A responsible outfitter knows the standards and will not let you get on the ice if it does not meet the necessary requirements. See the table below.

Pêche sur glace epaisseur

More than 55 outfitters in Quebec offer ice fishing in a safe environment. Visit the Quebec outfitters site to see the list of establishments in your region:

I don't have the necessary equipment

No problem, you can rent everything! Cabin and rods are available for rent. In addition, hole drilling service, purchase of wood for stoves, purchase of lures and purchase of your fishing license are all available on site.

The Lac Saint-Pierre Fishing Academy, in collaboration with the Pourvoirie Roger Gladu, offers ice fishing clinics. This initiation activity is the perfect solution for those who would like to be guided in this new adventure. Information is available on their website: hiver2019.pdf

I will not catch fish

It can happen! The only certainty is that you will have guaranteed fun and spend a great day with friends or family.

Nevertheless, for those who want to get the fish out, Tomcod fishing may be for you. Success is guaranteed when fishing for Tomcod. For more information on this type of ice fishing, visit the Tomcod festival's website which is held in Saint-Anne-de-la-Pérade.

Achigan peche sur glace

It's too expensive

According to my experience and my recent research, a traditional ice fishing package which includes a cabin, hole drilling and rod rental can cost between $ 90 and $ 125 per family regardless of the number of children.

To fish for tomcod in Saint-Anne-de-la-Pérade, you will have to pay $ 30 per adult and $ 15 per child on weekends for a package including rental of the cottage, fishing equipment, pork liver bait, firewood, all the small fish caught and access to activities.

Famille peche blanche

There are only a few weeks left to enjoy ice fishing in Quebec so go go go! Stop hesitating and give it a try!

Happy fishing!