Article published at: Jun 11, 2019 Article author: Veronique Marin Article tag: Campings
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I always wondered what was hidden behind this huge poster on the outskirts of road 117 which announces the entrance of Camping du Domaine Lausanne. Its vintage look testifies to the many years of existence of the establishment. Camping du Domaine Lausanne existed for over 50 years, but is in full rebirth since 2018, when a young dynamic family decided to leave everything to become owners of a campground. If you believe you know this campground because you visited it several years ago, think again. The Camping du Domaine Lausanne has changed course!

The owners have a vision. Camping du Domaine Lausane is all about what they call a boreal experience. A campground on the outskirts of a lake where you can enjoy the 102 hectares of nature. A forest they want at all costs to protect but also exploit to the delight of outdoor enthusiasts. It's much more than a campground; there's hiking, rental of fat bikes and water embarcation as well as fishing. The P'tit train du Nord cycle path is accessible directly from the campground and if it was not enough to keep you busy, they even opened Canada's first surf pool.

Piste cyclable train du nord

I have never personally seen a campsite offering such a wide range of accommodation and sites. We're talking here about 9 different types of ready-to-camp accomodations for a total of 75 units. There's something for everyone. Personally, I fell for the very photogenic small floating cabins. The caravans, tents, cozy bubbles, boreal tents, cabins, tepees and yurts are all very charming. Something to please everyone. If you ever decide to rent a ready-to-camp trailer, there are some brand new RV's that can be placed on the site your choice.

Campers are not left out, there is sites for all tastes that can accommodate equipment up to 40 feet, 0 to 3 services, wooded, sunny or by the lake. You decide! We loved our wooded lot by the lake. What an asset for the Camping du Domaine Lausanne to offer so many intimate sites with direct access to water.

Site camping domaine lausanne

I believe that the new concept of Camping du Domaine Lausanne is a winning formula. The sites are comparable to what you could find in a provincial park in Quebec. However the service offering of Camping du Domaine Lausanne is superior with an interesting activity program typical of a private campground establishment. In addition, you will find a real place for doggie, such as a dog park and a designated place for swimming. Sites adapted for all types of equipment with different levels of services. Ready-to-camp in sufficient amount and very cute and original to say the least!

Lac camping domaine lausanne

New management is definitely on the right track and it will be interesting to see the evolution of this little gem of camping in the heart of the Laurentians.

Lots of success to the new Domaine Lausanne camping and the new owners!

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