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Navigating with Google Maps using a mobile data plan can consume a considerable amounts of data. Some will turn to traditional GPS that asks us to download the latest road maps sometimes at a rather high cost.

How about using your cell phone the same way you used these now outdated GPS? That is, download road maps beforehand on a Wi-Fi connection and then navigate while keeping your cellphone on airplane mode and this for free.

Did you know that Google offers a feature that downloads entire regions of maps over a Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to complete your journey without having to connect to a cellular network.

The latest update from Google offers a seamless and uninterrupted experience, even when traveling in a low GPS reception area. Step-by-step navigation, location searches, and facility information can all be viewed without a data connection.

Here's how to download your Google maps for offline use in 2 easy steps:

Step 1

Open Google maps and find the location you want to save. Tap the Google marker for more options, then select Download. Choose the size of the region you want to save and press download one last time.

Step 2

Start the navigation process as you normally would – the only feature that you will miss is the real-time traffic status and updates.

To view and manage the regions you have saved, press the menu button at the top left in Google maps and scroll through the offline zones.

Recently, Google has added an offline navigation support for walking, biking and public transit.

Happy road trip!

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