Article published at: Jan 13, 2019 Article author: Veronique Marin Article tag: Trucs et astuces
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I bought a trailer to relax! Yes Yes! Run for 5 days during the week and relax for two days at the campsite on weekends. Of course I am exaggerating but I must say that it was my reality during my first years of camping.

Over time, I found ways to be more effective and I want to share a few things that now save my life every weekend when camping .

1. Create lists. Several lists!

My first advice is obviously to make lists! Sometimes making the list may take longer than running it. Tadam, I share mine with you! I use lists and templates that I reuse. Impossible to make a list for everything, it would not be digestible. Several small lists are perfect for different situations.

  • Child luggage checklist. This reusable list can be personalized for each child. .
  • Food checklist. Reusable list which helps me to check that the trailer's stocks are sufficient. Very important to me because I borrow things from it regularly and I forget to put them back. The children are always ready to be the verifiers.

  • Gab's list Intended 100% for my boyfriend, this list is intended to be a list of tasks and a memory aid. Bikes, BBQ, beach chairs etc.

I print multiple copies of each list at the start of the season. I don't modify the lists during the summer. I don't adapt them to the season. I list everything and for all situations. Rain, sun, beach, hike, spring, fall etc. Before distributing them, I cross off the items that we wont need and I indicate the weekend weather forecast to the children.

2. Involve the children

In our family, the children participate and they love it. Their lists in hand, they help me and take their job very seriously. For several years now they have been responsible for their luggage as well as the supply checklist. I’ve never had any bad surprises so far.

3. Create meal cards

These are not recipes. My meal card box simply contains ideas for each meal of the day. I don’t need a recipe to serve smoked salmon bagels on Sunday, but these fact sheets, which are just a list of the ingredients, help me generate a grocery list quickly. We have eaten much more varied meals since I adopted this method.

4. Order your grocery online.

Have your grocery delivered to your home at the time that suits you best. This was a huge help for me! I do this in the summer season only. This change in my preparation routine had a very positive impact. Yes, there are fees but for my part, they are well worth it.

5. Plan your week.

The weekly planner is the tool at the heart of my method and the reason why it works. For my part, I use an erasable board. The whole household can see what there is to do. I put in the household chores (very basic during the camping weeks), appointments or outings and I distribute on the calendar all camping preparations chores in order to spread the load over several days. The tasks are similar every week and the planning is very fast. Sometimes I just change the date!

Do you have lifesaver tricks? Do not hesitate to share them with me! When it comes to planning I'm always pursuing continuous improvement,!

Happy planning