In my family, whom I affectionately call "the familia", we've been camping seriously for a long time. The familia is made up of all types of campers and they're my inspiration for this blog. When we're together we talk about travel! For us travelling can be a day trip to Ottawa or a road trip along Route 66, but for us, the best trips are made in our RV's.

It all started with Norma and Pierre. They were the first nomads of the family and for many years, they returned from their travels in the United States with incredible stories of what they saw and experienced. They're now the lucky ones who spend the winter under the Florida sun in their very comfortable fifth wheel caravan. Let's be honest, comfort is very important when you camp for several months. They inspired me the category "Lifestyle". I will look for ideas to make your RV more confortable. I will share tips and tricks to help you plan your RV holidays. I will also try to inform you about the novelties in the wonderful world of camping caravanning.

Inspired by Norma and Pierre, Dora and Paul followed in their footsteps. For 15 years, aboard their Roadtreck, they crossed and visited all American states with the exception of Hawaii and all Canadian provinces. Dora and Paul are an inexhaustible source of knowledge and content. They will be valuable contributors to this blog. They inspired me the "Itineraries" post category. I will develop for you more or less long circuits which I hope will inspire you todrive miles aboard your RV. Know that they will have been tested by Dora the Explorer herself! This should give a good dose of notoriety to this blog.

Francine and Michel are very active campers! For them, camping is travelling. They look for that liitle gem of a campground near the cutest villages. They settle for the weekend and are quickly off to discover the surroundings! Agrotourism, hiking, bike rides, they are always on the lookout. They inspired me the category of tickets "Destinations". For you, I will find places where camping becomes a getaway dotted with visits and discoveries of the region.

My Father and his wife Loraine are stationary. Of course in this blog we will touch this topic! My father did not inspire me with a particular category or subject. My father inspired me to create this blog. This guy, larger than life, personifies the essence of camping. He is sociable, unifying and an excellent storyteller. He transmits his colorful stories with emotion and fills them with wacky anecdotes.

Finally there is us. A modern, recomposed family with our 4 children of 8, 9, 11 and 19 years old. My boyfriend is a passionate fisherman and nature lover and me, a mix of all the personalities of my eclectic family. I want to go on an adventure, explore my province and relax at the same time! Meaning: I want to live on the road, plan camping trips and become stationary in the same season! I am full of contradictions! I spend too much time trying to save time! My head is full of projects which brings me to experience all kinds of experiences and at the dawn of my forties, I had the crazy idea to believe that I may have enough credibility to to talk about it.